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Healing Hands Holistic
Mobile Holistic Massage Therapy & Reiki

Healing Hands Holistic Philosophy

We all have our own way of approaching life and thoughts, events and emotions all leave their footprints on the body and mind.

Derived from the ancient Greek word 'holos' (meaning whole), Holistic Massage treats the whole person - the body, mind and soul in unison, gently releasing toxins from the body, together with relieving mental and emotional stresses and tensions.

My goal is to create the perfect treatment for you and your unique needs. As a result, there is no set routine, I simply look carefully at the causes of your individual tensions, and work with the 'whole you', to help restore your natural inner balance.

Miriam's story

Pain and I go a long way....back in 2001, I was in my early 20s and started having pain in between my shoulders. It has shocked me to the core, because I believed I was too young to be in pain! It has marked the beginning of a journey. Doctors weren't taking it seriously, so I tried chiropractic treatments. 2 famous clinics and thousands of £s later, I decided that was not the way forward for me. I had to figure it out for to 2011, I decided to use my experience in helping myself to help others, by becoming a massage therapist.


  • Compassion Key Certified Level 1 Practitioner, Edward Mannix, April 2022

  • Reiki 2nd Degree - Reiki Master Teacher Caroline Izzard, Northampton, 2016

  • Reiki 1st Degree - Reiki Master Tina Cook, Northampton, 2015

  • Advanced Massage - Releasing the neck, Darien Pritchard, Teach Therapy, Newport, Wales, 2016

  • Advanced Massage - Releasing the lower back, Darien Pritchard, Teach Therapy, Newport, Wales, 2016

  • Stretching your massage skills, Darien Pritchard, Teach Therapy, Newport, Wales, 2016

  • Theory and Practice of Seated Accupressure Massage, David M.Godfrey, BA MA DMS CBIOL MBS FIFL FICHT PGCE, Wellingborough, 2014

  • Trigger Point Therapy, Morley College, London, 2012

  • Thai Traditional Massage Course, Bangkok Health and Services Technological College, Bangkok, Thailand, 2012

  • Theory and Practice of Hot and Cold Stone Massage, David M.Godfrey, BA MA DMS CBIOL MBS FIFL FICHT PGCE, London, 2012

  • City & Guilds Level 3 Diploma in Body Massage, Barnet College, London, 2012



Areas covered:
I cover Corby and surrounding areas - anywhere up to approx 10 miles from Corby.

How it works

I bring everything necessary with me, so that you can enjoy and get the best out of your treatment; you only need to provide a space big enough for the massage table, and for me to be able to walk and work around it. The first treatment comes with a free consultation.


Before your treatment

Please allow 30-45 minutes for consultation and setup. Only very light meals should be consumed before having a massage treatment. To get the best out of your treatment, please ensure quiet surroundings. A living room normally works well.

NB: If you have any medical conditions and take prescription pharmaceutical drugs (especially if you take more than one), the best practice is to check with your doctor before you make a massage appointment, to ensure its suitability and safety.

After your treatment

After having a massage treatment or reiki, it is advisable that you drink plenty of fluids like water and herbal teas (avoiding alcohol), and to get some rest if possible.

I take pride in supporting your health and wellbeing as much as I can, by helping you to manage pain and tension; and as such may include aftercare advice like diet & lifestyle suggestions, or 'homework' such as little exercises you can do in a couple of minutes at your office desk.

If you have any questions at any point before or after your treatment, please don't hesitate to contact me:

Healing reactions

Reactions to massage treatments do happen and are normal, especially if you haven't had a treatment for a while, have health issues, or are embarking on a new therapeutic approach. Healing reactions are very individual and can include tiredness/sleepiness, a headache, a temporary worsening of symptoms, and others. Healing reactions are a sign that a change is taking place, and your body's way of asking you to 'slow down' while it takes stock of the treatment received.

Any healing reactions will normally disappear within 1-2 days of treatment, although very occasionally may last a bit longer. Subsequent treatments are less likely to produce healing reactions, but again, it's all dependent on your lifestyle and health condition.

Cancellation Policy:

48-hour notice required for all cancellations.

Bookings cancelled with less than 48 hours'

notice may be charged in full.

NB: Please note that Full Body Massage includes back, neck, shoulders, arms & legs.


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